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Art is infused in our world, it has an intrinsic value, and when absorbed it moves waves of emotions within us. The exploration of art is our legacy, inherited from all of the great civilizations that have walked this earth. 

We bring art to the forefront. Combing traditional styles of calligraphy with contemporary methods such as innovative engineering solutions to create products that don’t exist in the market. Our mission is to create products that inspire and bring back the sacredness of Arabic calligraphy to our modern world. 

We believe in inspiring and spreading the artistic mindset. We do this by trying to give back to our communities through sharing and teaching the techniques of finding your inner artistic voice through the art of painting. Art helps us make connections, it inspires and pushes us to see the world in different dimensions. Our mission is to install the attitude of curiosity that will bring forth creativity and for our students to explore their own path of creative expression.


what we do



Browse and ship your favourite creations, from original paintings to prints to wooden carefully crafted carvings.



In person workshops for a unique classroom experience where you get to ask your questions live and make your very own masterpieces.



Online classes to inspire you and teach you the art of Arabic calligraphy from anywhere at anytime. Coming soon!